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WHY veta best

Why veta best

This is unlike other self-instructional packages available on the market. As said earlier, while others offer you books, we offer you a complete training programme with feedback mechanisms to monitor your progress. We believe in the Guru-Shishya mode of teaching, and you will find this method reflected in the way the programme is organized. At every module, you’ll feel that a teacher is talking to you, taking you by hand towards easy fluency in English.

While other books and packages sell you grammar in the name of spoken English, you will find here a complete course on conversational English with grammar playing a supportive role.

While other packages close the deal once the material is sent to you, we offer you a lifelong online membership for an ongoing and continuous support.

This is a proprietary curriculum based on our actual experience of teaching over 35 lakh students.

Speak English fluently and feel the difference.

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