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Veta Masterji

This module helps the learner with the nitty-gritty of grammar and usage. But why do we need to know grammar in spoken English? We have been to school and have learnt grammar. But, does that help us to speak English fluently? No. Then why learn grammar? Well Masterjee tells us not about ‘grammar’ but about ‘functional grammar’. It is a kind of ready reckoner that tells the learner the difference between ‘a few’ and ‘few’ ‘has been’ and ‘had been’ and other such things. It highlights the commonly made mistakes and tells us how to correct it.

Apart from educating us on functional grammar it also improves our letter writing skill and hones our ability to use idioms and phrases. So, in brief Masterjee sets us on the fast track path of speaking English.

Speak English fluently and feel the difference.
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