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Conversational English / Audio Guide


A pack of 60 cards forms the base of the conversational English module in Veta Best. Each card helps you to master a particular topic with simplicity through a deliberate pace. With the help of one card per day Conversational English becomes easy to master. How do you introduce yourself? How do you ask for information? How do you report a statement or instruction? How do you tackle questions at a job interview? What do you speak at a Parent-Teacher association? The cards take up everyday situations like these and empower you to speak English fluently and confidently. These cards help you to master a particular topic with ease before moving on to the next one. Besides, two audio CDs which accompany this module, help you in pronunciation and intonation of the sentences given in the cards. The audio CDs keep your pronunciation in tandem with delivery as per international standards.

Speak English fluently and feel the difference.
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