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Veta has been a pioneer in the Spoken English training industry since 1981. Today, veta has a pan India presence...
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Thank you for everything! I love your book , cd and I've been recommending it to many other friends...
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Inauguration of Marathahalli Centre,
Bangalore on June 18, 2015

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India's Largest Spoken English Training Academy

It is a fact that English has become indispensable. Everyone knows it, but in reality not many academic institutions give serious attention to communicative skills in English during a student's formative years. In many schools and colleges it is taught as a subject ignoring that the very purpose of studying a language is to communicate.

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The English training industry has a huge potential with business to be tapped in billions of dollars. It is a growing industry particularly in Asia. In India alone the business potential is estimated at several thousand crores. However, the number of major players in this domain are few. Barring Veta there are few companies with a pan India presence.

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Enhancing Corporate Credentials

The entire world has now become your backyard. The most vital skill required to fulfil your organization�s boundless dreams is an ability to communicate in the language of the world which is English. English is the language of Education, Business, Science, Government and Entertainment. And the organization that sets the benchmark for English training is Veta.

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